Take Off to Singapore (Day2)


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Posted on Wed 19 Mar 2008 15:21



The Day when I am sick
Happy Birthday My Sunshine
Happy Day... Happy Life
Be strong and patient
You are my Sunshine
My White Memory
On Tour: G&J at Hua Hin 3-5 May 08
New Life
Exactly clear!!
First Movie...
Long Journey
On Tour: The Royal Plaza 17 Apr
Songkran at BKK
On Tour: Kao Koh 6-7 Apr 08
Happy and Lonely Friday
Feeling VS Real
On Tour: The Bridge of the River Kwai
T@G -- T@G
Take Off to Singapore (Last day to Sentosa)
Take Off to Singapore (Day2)
Take Off to Singapore (Day1)
Away Mode
Goes on...
Message from Hi5
New Page-New Life-New Journey


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